STOP!-Attention Jazz Guitarists Worldwide - Are you tired of your right hand picking letting you down?

Well today, at last, you can access the closely guarded and best kept secret to George Benson's right hand picking technique, only understood by a handful of the world's top jazz guitarists, revealed here by Motema recording artist JC Stylles, a result of a 30 year obsession !!!

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If you’ve  suspected you were missing a part of the puzzle, it’s not your fault you haven’t been able to control your righthand like you want, and today you will discover the absolute key YOU have been missing for developing an effortless,bulletproof right hand technique… YOU won’t find this secretive, precise, vital and vast video tutorial information available anywhere else  in the world comparable in a book, or at a music school or a college, BECAUSE IT TOOK ME 30 YEARS TO UNCOVER IT, and the usual curriculums aren’t driven by that type of an obsession!
YES-with this never- before- available video tutorial, you will at last learn  how to:

  • Immediately improve your sound and tonal quality,
  • Play Up-tempos and time effortlessly without feeling left behind by horn players & pianist’s,
  • Find a whole new level of touch and feel that you could hear, but just couldn’t quite reach,
    • Enhance your overall rhythmical ability in your single line playing and eliminate that square, lifeless phrasing that seems to be haunting you,
    • Turn disjointed , disconnected sounding lines into long flowing lines,
    • Sound more free to express yourself musically, instead of struggling & battling technique which previously caused you to sound mechanical, clunky and non-musical,
    • Develop unequaled double-time ability,
  • Hear what some of my serious students have to say:
“The picking technique that JC showed to me a few years ago totally changed my guitar playing. After a short struggle to get the new approach under my fingers, my right hand felt really relaxed when playing fast single-note lines. My guitar tone improved a lot and playing tough rhythmic phrases was easier than ever. I trusted JC and now I can say for sure – his knowledge and teaching skills in the field of the George Benson picking are deep and unique!”                                        – Peter Georgiev / Bulgaria 
  • It’s really worth every hour you spend into it. Right hand makes the difference and this technique will definitely change the tone, diction, phrasing and “Feel” of your playing. One step further into the “Life-long” journey of “Jazz Guitar”                                                                                                                                  -Telmo Fernandez / Spain
  • “The improvement in tone is immediate and unmistakable. Transitioning from your previous technique is not easy, but it’s well worth the effort.  I guarantee you’ll be much happier with your sound. I know I am! ”   Ed Jalowiecki  /  New York City        ed.jalowiecki_20
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    Feedback  and results from our initial test release has been outstanding, with several  serious players(some with many years of professional performing  experience) stating that .. ” at last, it’s like the light was finally switched on!”

    Some other vital feedback for your benefit includes players who were just very eager to get to the information on the tutorial  page as soon as possible. So, in recognition that we have heard what you asked for, ( and understand that you could attend one of the most prestigious music/jazz colleges in New York City at the cost of $50,000 per semester- and STILL not learn this technique).. here is how you get access…

                                     -Includes bonus 1  months online backup coaching & mentoring (normally $47) in the exclusive Members Area to answer all your questions & fine tune your technique-designed for the player who really wants to make sure they get it down over time with constant guidance for the best value available!


    Right  now your free support and backup coaching  in the members-only section includes…

    •  Extensive study of right hand shots of GB from all angles,plus..
    •  Intense close ups of correct pick holding technique, plus…
    • Rare footage of GB from my private collections, plus…
    • Slo-Motion footage of “live and in-action” picking ,plus…
    • In Depth one-on-one coaching  with JC Stylles in the Q & A section
    • Email & Video coaching options covering each individual students needs & more!

    See what another successful student has to say:
    “HI JC,

    It´s been a while and I feel like I have some great news to share with you.  The Benson technique starts feeling very natural and everything else  awkward and wrong. I can’t describe how much my sound, feel and touch  improved. It’s incredible.  Every speed seems to be easy and effortless. A realization that made a big difference for me was where and how to place  the thumb on the pick. This is probably the most individual part of the  technique that is different for everybody depending on the individual  physiology.  For me the perfect point is right between the tip and the pad  of the thumb, of course no thumb hanging over….My grip has improved so  much since doing this. The pick is very stable and I can concentrate on  the movement. What helped a great deal as well was to include strumming and other exaggerated motions before starting picking single strings. This really  helped me to really internalize the method. So once again, Thank you JC for helping me! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your support. I am proud of having made it through some  difficult times, sticking with it and being on another level now!

    My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you feel I haven’t provided the breakdown  on Benson Picking  I promised I would, & at the very least improved your sound and tonal quality, then I want to give you your money back! I am looking to enhance today’s guitar players with the real knowledge I have gained over 30 years of studying Georges’ technique, so that it can be passed on- to maintain the highest standards. Contact & advise me accordingly, & I will happily refund you in full, as still currently being active in both recording and public  performances as I am, I cannot put a price on my longterm credibility.

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     ” I look forward to working with you and coaching you to fully grasp this right hand picking technique, so you can become a player armed with the best technique out there! “

    -JC Stylles-

    Right hand performance shot 



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